Hot Lunches & Dinners

Hot Lunch Combinations

(Minimum 12 people)

Whether it's lunch or dinner, warm your tummy, your heart and soul with our Divine homemade hot lunches and dinner options. We use the freshest, tastiest ingredients to provide you with a healthy meal.  

Beef Dishes

Cottage Pie  $13.99
Ground AAA beef, braised in a beef demi glace, topped with a garlic mash potato and glazed with cheese.  Served with garlic toast and salad of the day.

Beef Lasagne  $13.99 (sold only in quantities of 12)
Layers of mouth watering beef, pasta and ricotta cheese and gratinated with a duo of mozzarella and cheddar.   Served with garlic toast and salad of the day.

Beef Chilli  $13.99
Slow cooked with a hint of cumin.  This favourite is sure to get those taste buds dancing.   Served with sour cream, salsa and tortilla chips.   Includes baby buns and salad of the day.

Spaghetti and Meatballs      $13.99
Beef meatballs cooked in tomato sauce with roasted veggies.  Served with spaghetti noodles and parmesan shavings.  Served with garlic toast and Caesar salad.

Chicken Dishes

Teriyaki Chicken or Salmon $13.99
Boneless chicken breasts or salmon filets baked in teriyaki marinade.  Presented with steamed rice.  Served with vegetarian spring rolls and sweet chilli sauce.  Includes salad of the day.

Moroccan Chicken  $13.99
Mildly spiced Moroccan styled chicken pieces on lemon garbanzo and olive cous cous.  Served with buns & butter and salad of the day.

Parmesan Chicken  $14.99
Chicken breasts coated with parmesan and herbs.  Baked to golden brown.  Presented on Mediterranean Orzo Pasta.  Includes baby buns and salad of the day.

Cajun BBQ Chicken  $13.99
Whole chickens marinated in Cajun spices, roasted with bbq sauce cut into portions and accompanied by roast potatoes and Caesar salad.  Includes bread of the day.

Pasta Dishes

(all pasta selections include garlic toast and salad of the day)

Cannelloni  $12.99
Spinach and ricotta cannelloni baked in marinara sauce with a feta, parmesan and mozzarella crust. 

Tortellini $12.99 (add $1.99 with chicken)
Vegetarian Mediterranean cheese filled tortellini in a rose’ sauce. 

(Minimum 12 people)


Greek Pasta Salad  $3.49 
Pasta tossed with kalamata olives, sweet peppers, sundried tomatoes and a feta oregano dressing.

Caesar Salad  $2.99
Crisp Romaine leaves, homemade croutons, parmesan cheese and lemon wedges with creamy Ceasar dressing.  

Potato Salad  $3.49
Potato cubes with chopped pickles, celery, radish and green onion dressed with a creamy dressing with a hint of mustard.

Quinoa Salad  $3.99
Healthy grain salad with black beans, corn and sweet peppers tossed with a cumin and lime vinaigrette.

Greek Salad  $3.99
All the taste of Greece!  Sweet peppers, cucumbers, tomato, red onion, kalamata olives, feta tossed with our own lemon and herb dressing.

Flavors of Asia  $3.49
Variety of leaves, sprouts, red onion, mandarin segments, red peppers with a sesame, ginger soy dressing.

Spinach Salad  $3.49
Boiled Eggs, rings of red onion, chopped romaine & spinach leaves, topped with grated cheese.  Served with a creamy bacon ranch. 

*Visit our Desserts menu for our selection of home made desserts!


coffee  $1.79 per cup
tea  $1.79 per cup 
juice  $1.79 per can
water  $1.79 per bottle
soft drinks  $1.79 per can

Additional Info

  • Disposables upon requests for additional $.50 per person.
  • All orders require minimum 24 hours for delivery.
  • Minimum order 12 people.
  • Delivery hours start at 7:00 am.  Arrangements can be made for earlier deliveries for an additional fee.
  • Delivery fees:  $15 Downtown and North West, $17 All other areas greater Edmonton. $25 Edmonton Annex (minimum guests 25)